FoodWe all know the names of these companies, and if you’ve been in the industry more than 20 minutes you’ve heard their names.  Do you know what they do?  Do you know what they deliver?  Do you know anything other than what their shiny trucks say?  They’ve got clever marketing and almost a mafia like presence and ownership over the F&B industry.  Here’s what they really are, they are distributors/sellers of mediocrity – similar to those that spout “gourmet Italian food” or “taste crafted” or Toyota Camry.  These food and beverage industry Goliaths provide everything from beverage napkins to straws, and glasses.  If you are lucky you will even get citrus that may or may not be fresh, and cheese that is just sub-par to that which you would get on Government Assistance.  Basically, these guys supply anything from glassware to contributions to the obese society.

As an owner you have a choice, to be lazy and shop with the industry giants and let them bully you and manipulate you into buying their products, or you can have a dedication to your customers that shows you care by “buying outside the box.”  Consumers are smarter now, they know the difference between generic mass produced garbage that they are being fed.  I see many owners becoming the Walking Dead when it comes to this generic mass produced crap, and they wonder why sales are slipping.  They wonder why their establishment is being tainted-look it goes back to the age old saying “you get out what you put in.”  Do you know making your own Bloody Mix or your own sour mix is only about $.40 more than buying it?  Guess what?  It tastes much better also.  There are so many products out there that are better than the stuff that comes packaged with a built in pour spout. Sysco

Purchasers, owners or whatever, are no better than the dudes that walk into their bar looking for a hot piece of drunken ass.  They don’t want to get to anyone they just want to close on the first deal.  They see the immediate happiness, and don’t care about the outcome for anyone else.  Most owners wouldn’t feed their kids or loved one’s fake mass produced cheese, or hard lemons and limes, but yet they will charge a premium for it.  These industrial food suppliers are not helping the bottom line; they are in some sense destroying it.  It’s a huge industry that is being fed into, it’s a huge industry that is costing you guys a ton of money.

Industrialized Food and Beverage Distribution