Stir it! Mix it! Join Our Masterclass

Socializing over cocktails dates back to the 1700s

It is said that the U.S. Constitution and a future President Washington met a local watering hole and consumed over 45 gallons of booze.  If cocktails, good stories, and good people can come together to create a document that has made a country, what can it do for businesses? Team building and team bonding while learning to make cocktails is a terrific way to bring your team together.  Chances are someone on your team enjoys drinking a cocktail or two.  There is an even greater chance that they are familiar with how to make their favorite cocktails.

A team building cocktail masterclass is an ideal corporate event.

There isn’t an industry outside of sports that have a more competitive group of people than the beverage creation industry.  Look at the spirits and mixers within a cocktail like personalities in your office or corporation.  They can all be so different individually, but mix perfectly if put together properly.  As a leader, you bring your spirits and mixers (staff and personalities).  A group of professional bartenders will bring their spirits and mixers and together you all will shake things up.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Bartenders know the dynamics of what it takes to make a team work together effectively and efficiently.  Bartenders know the dynamics of learning and working with personalities of all different types.  Most likely there isn’t a bartender out there that hasn’t dealt with every type of personality.  A cocktail masterclass will bring together the personalities for a time to socialize and work together.  Bartenders will work in a group setting with you and your team to create the best cocktail for you – which would be a corporate cocktail.

There are a number of team building and team bonding activities out there.

A cocktail masterclass is a fun way to let loose.  A cocktail masterclass can be held without the help of a true, passionate master bartender, but it is not recommended.  There is a lot that a professional bartender can teach that someone who hasn’t been behind the bar can’t.  Bar staff and bartenders know how to hustle for a dollar.  Bartenders know how to hustle to get the best positioning to set themselves up for success.  Successful bartenders know how to multitask effectively, and efficiently.

Treat your team to team building and team bonding activities

If you have thought about doing a masterclass I suggest you try it.  If you’ve never heard of or thought about doing one I recommend reaching out to us.  We would be happy to provide more information regarding what to expect and how to proceed.

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