Planting The Cocktail Garden

Fresh juices can be made for different color and types of Bloody Mary cocktails.


Shirley Temple mocktail using fresh pomegranate for grenadine.
Shirley Temple mocktail using fresh pomegranate for grenadine.

Planting a cocktail garden is the perfect way to introduce seasons into your cocktails. Do you know that making your own cocktail from the freshest ingredients in your own garden is not stressful, and it is beneficial and it is economical? A huge benefit of a cocktail garden is you get to know the source of the water and fruits. Knowing your sources will assist in guidance against diseases derived when a cocktail is not prepared in a hygienic manner. Setting up a cocktail garden isn’t hard; here is how you can cultivate a garden for growing fresh ingredients for cocktails at home. A cocktail garden doesn’t require too much space. Containers on the balcony or small raised bed(s) will enable you to grow a variety of ingredients to make up your own cocktail garden.

To start a garden plan, begin by choosing the flavors you like and plant for your particular climate. Make sure you plant to your taste. By having a garden close to your kitchen or bar any plant can make its way into a cocktail. Do you have an interest in grenadine; will pomegranates thrive in your garden? These things should be at the back of your mind. Being responsible for the growth of your own ingredients, your cocktail will be seasonal like your garden. Think of growing watermelon in summer, strawberries in spring.

Shrub: a sweet acidic mixer which can be used for many types of cocktails.

Are you an adventurous person? Make your own shrubs, a shrub is a sweet acidic mixer which can be used for many types of cocktails. Shrubs are sweet and often include spices and herbs to produce interesting flavor combination.

Here are a few plants that will enhance your cocktail by growing them in your garden;

  1. Apple- it is used to make fresh juice or cider, infusion or garnish
  2. Blueberry- it is perfect for muddling or making of shrubs
  3. Grapes- it is used to make juice and homemade wins. Freeze grapes are alternative for ice
  4. Cherry- it is used as a garnish, juice or foe making your own syrup, liqueurs or infused spirit
  5. Strawberry- it is used for making juices, infusion, purees, garnishes and syrups.
  6. Tomatoes- it is used for making juicy varieties and mix-up cherry tomatoes for short drink..
  7. Pepper- it is used to add little spice to drinks by muddling.
  8. Mango- it is used for making fresh juice and purees.