Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

It’s hard to choose a vendor you can rely on and trust for your special event. Regardless of why I tell you we are great, you will still wonder if you made the right decision. With that said, I want to let you know why you can put your trust in TGM. We have been doing this for 8 years and have 18 years in the industry. You will find people much cheaper than us, that promise the world to get your business. We do this everyday, this is our main focus and not something we do in our spare time. If you choose us we guarantee you will love the results.

We all have a core set of beliefs and values that are the foundational anchors of our lives.  These values and beliefs have been shaped by many things in our lives, whether spiritual, physical or mental.  TGM Bartending has core values that have been shaped by our environment, our experience and our influences.  Creating these values have given us a standard to work by and live up to.

Our Core Values and Commitment  You:

-Authencity:  Everything we do for ourselves and for our clients is sincere and is done true to our own personality or character.

-Efficiency:  Our goal is to produce the results that you as our client desire.

-Honesty: We believe that being honest and having no ulterior motives is refreshing and simple.  If we don’t know an answer or have an answer we will get one for you and provide you with one.  Honesty is what characterizes who we are and what we stand for.

-Inspiration:  We work hard for our clients in order to push others to work hard for what they believe in.

-Quality:  We believe that quality is a race that never has a finish line, we push to provide top-notch quality to our clients from the start.  We strive to have every client for a lifetime, so there is no end to our commitment of quality to each of our individual clients.

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